Wired CD

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We are created in His Image, fearfully and wonderfully made. Internally WIRED to worship our Creator. Sometimes our wires get crossed and life gets weird and we forget. And, like in the movies, we have to figure out which wire to cut before the clock counts down and everything blows up. The songs on this CD were recorded to help you take a few minutes and remember: I am free. Salvation is here. He loves me just the way I am. He is my king. He has a great task for me to do. He paid for my sin. He is there for me when I hurt. When I am broken. He is glorious. He is my Savior...My God. So...cut the red wire...stop the clock...put on your ear buds...and let the God who made you...speak to you. You were wired to worship Him...go for it. Tracklist 1. I Am Free 2. Salvation Is Here 3. You Never Let Go 4. All Over The World 5. What Are You Waiting For 6. Just The Way I Am 7. Jesus Paid It All 8. My Savior My God 9. King 10. Glorious One 11. Cry Out To Jesus 12. Bless The Broken Road

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