Senior Devotional

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By Lars Rood THIS IS IT! You've reached the pinnacle of the high school food chain! You've finally become a senior! Now what? Here's the crazy thing about your senior year: It often starts with a sprint as you finish applications, make big decisions, and prepare for life after high school. But then you wait. And then senioritis usually kicks in. Lars Rood remembers what his senior year was like, and as a pastor and a former teacher, he's talked with countless students about how this one year is both an end and a beginning. What legacy have you left? How do you deal with disappointments and regrets? What does it mean to truly let God lead you? What is saying goodbye so difficult? As you read each entry in this devotional, you'll discover wisdom and truth to guide you in the final months of your high school career, along with solid suggestions on living out what you believe. This isn't just a book you read--it's a book that leads to action.

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