Live Large, Be Different, Shine Bright

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By Doug Fields and Josh Griffin Somewhere along the line, an expectation has crept into church youth groups that once you begin to follow Jesus, you just magically turn into a completely mature Christian. Well, that's just not true! In Live Large. Be Different. Shine Bright., Doug Fields and Josh Griffin share about some important character qualities that will help you live large, be different, and shine bright. A lot of what Doug and Josh write about doesn't seem to get much sermon time, but these topics are definitely worthy of consideration and experimentation--topics like competition, laughter, cliques, encouragement, and several others will help you in the process of being a more vibrant follower of Jesus. These two youth ministry veterans definitely have a deep love for teenagers and a passion to help them become more attractive as they discover what it means to follow Jesus. If you've ever wanted to be challenged to be different...this book is for you.

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