Junior Devotional

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By Lars Rood THIS COULD BE THE MOST IMPORTANT YEAR OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL CAREER—but it may not always feel like it to you. As a junior, you'll qualify for varsity sports, lead roles in performances, and leadership positions on campus. You'll feel a new sense of significance. Yet because you're not a senior, things won't quite feel perfect or resolved. Fortunately, Lars Rood understands the paradox of the junior year. As a pastor and a former teacher, he's heard students grapple with key questions: Who are you, and where do you find your identity? What is your role at school? How does your faith lead your future? How do you make decisions? Lars has written each entry in this devotional to guide you through an important moment, issue, challenge, or opportunity that defines your junior year, along with solid suggestions on living out what you believe. This isn't just a book you read--it's a book that leads to action.


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