Everyday Absurdities

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By: Tyler Stanton Tyler writes in detail about issues that don't matter. Yet, somehow, they seem to matter to everyone. "Tyler is easily one of the funniest people I've ever met. He makes me jealous with laughter, as in 'I'm laughing, but I'm also jealous I didn't think of that mongoose joke Tyler just said.'" - JON ACUFF, bestselling author of Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job "I've known Tyler for years." - TRIPP CROSBY, third funniest member of Tripp and Tyler "Tyler Stanton's book is perfect for the person who doesn't own bookmarks. Because there's no plot, it doesn't matter where you pick up and leave off. Just open it wherever you like and start reading. You'll laugh your way to the bank, with all that money you're saving by not buying bookmarks and all." - SAM DAVIDSON, author of real books such as Simplify Your Life "When it comes to making a big deal about things that don't matter, Tyler Stanton is in a league of his own." - MIKE FOSTER, author of Gracenomics and co-founder of People of the Second Chance "Nobody guilts someone into manufacturing a book blurb like Tyler Stanton." - BRYAN ALLAIN, humorist and creator of Killer Tribes " " - SOME MIME "Without a doubt, Tyler is in the top 300 funniest people I know." - BEN ARMENT, author and founder of Story conference "This book is a great size." - BRAD LOMENICK, director of Catalyst conferences "The best book I've ever written!" - TYLER STANTON, author and humanitarian

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