Chasing the Light

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What do you do when your youngest daughter loves God and the Bible, but struggles with dyslexia? Dave Adamson, a former magazine editor and TV sports reporter, decided to use his passion for photography to help his little girl. He started using photos he had taken around the world to teach her the Bible . . . and watched her face light up! Dave, a pastor at North Point Ministries overseeing the church s social media channels and North Point Online, started posting his photos on Instagram, and it kinda blew up. Now, thousands of people from around the world follow his daily devotions on Instagram . . . and this book was born. Photographers often describe what they do as chasing the light, since light is what makes photography possible. As followers of Jesus, we are chasing the Light of the World in an effort to become more like him as we take the next steps in our spiritual journey

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