8th Grade Devotional

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By: Lars Rood
Eighth grade marks the culmination of the middle school/junior high years. Finally, these students are at the top of the heap, the pinnacle at their school. But it only lasts one year—and then suddenly they return to the bottom of the food chain as a freshman.

This 30-day devotional is designed to encourage your eighth-grade students to lead well in the few short months they get to do it. How does that happen? By following Jesus, leading themselves, and then leading others.

8th Grade: Leading the Way With the “Real You” gives you an opportunity to help teenagers recognize that they matter, their choices matter, and their contributions to their families, friends, and churches matter, too. This devotional will include places for students to think deep about who they are and what makes them tick, but it will also push them to ask other people for input and feedback on growing, maturing, and leading.

Help your eighth-graders realize they can have an impact right now during this year—they don’t have to wait until they are older!

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