7th Grade Devotional

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By Lars Rood Remember being in seventh grade? It’s a year filled with transformation and transition: The world literally feels like it’s increasing in size, school starts to get tougher, bodies are going through all kinds of crazy changes, and students find that they have to do a lot of focusing to stay on track with schoolwork and life. And faith begins to take on new dimensions and new meaning, too. That’s why this 30-day devotional will guide young teenagers through some of the biggest changes and challenges of this year, including handling doubt and questions, using a wise media filter, dealing with all the physical changes of early adolescence, and making choices that will build their faith. For some teenagers, this is the beginning of junior high and their first year after elementary school—while others are right in the heart of their middle school experience. Whatever their journey, 7th Grade: Growing Your Faith will engage students with its creative and age-targeted readings, questions, and prompts to action. The book also features interactive elements to talk through pieces of this with friends, family, youth leaders and other adults.

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